All photos released to The
B.A.N.C. Foundation
by Matthew Heist
Mat Heist
                                                  In December of 2012 Matt Heist went down in Fayetteville, NC from no
                                                  fault of his own. A minivan driver using a cell phone and not paying
                                                  attention caused Matt's motorcycle accident. Matt suffered near fatal
                                                  injuries and coded many times during his 10 month stay in hospitals. The
                                                  injuries and many  treatments he has encountered are horrific. He is left
                                                  with permanent injuries and will most likely be given a medical retirement
                                                  from the military due to those injuries. Matt still has a long journey with
                                                  rehab and treatments and will never be the same.

                                                  In September, the VFW 4542 in Spring Lake NC contacted The B.A.N.C.
                                                  Foundation with the details of Matt's accident. They had a date set for a
                                                  MATT HEIST MOTORCYCLE AWARENESS DAY on November 23,
                                                  2013 at the VFW 4542 on Pine Knoll Drive (& the corner of Hwy 210) in Spring Lake NC and requested
                                                  B.A.N.C.'s help with the event. Matt Heist is exactly what the Bikers And Needy Children Foundation is about  injured
motorcyclists in need of assistance. Matt is a young Vet who is very proud and his main concern is
making people in North Carolina, especially in the
Fayetteville & surrounding areas more aware of motorcycles.
His anger now fuels his need for more motorcycle awareness because his accident was
completely avoidable
had the driver just looked. No motorcyclists should go through the trauma, long term suffering, and life changing events Matt has
because of someone was on a cell phone and/or not paying attention. Come support Matt's efforts
to prevent more of us from going through the same pain
he endured and continues to endure.

The B.A.N.C. Foundation Board Of Directors is asking All Members in Cumberland County and the
surrounding counties to come support Matt Heist Motorcycle Awareness Day. This is important, It not
only shows support for Matt but, shows all we are in support of more motorcycle awareness in this area
and all of North Carolina!

                                                            In 2013 there were 198 motorcycle fatalities in North Carolina.
                                                            80% of all motorcycle accidents victims suffer serious injuries or
                                                            death. Approximately. 2/3's of motorcycle accidents are
                                                            preventable and no fault of the motorcyclist. If we are going to
                                                            lower how many motorcyclist are going down here, we have to
                                                            impact the average driver's awareness of motorcycles.

                                                            We hope everyone understands the impact we are trying to help
                                                            Matt make with motorcycle awareness and hope to see all at the
                                                            event. This is an event for motorcyclists to stand up for
                                                            Motorcycle Awareness.


                                                            Mickey Carter, President/Founder
                                                            The B.A.N.C. Foundation
The B.A.N.C. Foundation (Tm)
Injured Bikers And Needy Children
A 501(c) 3 Nonprofit Foundation
214 Cecil Ave. Spring Lake, NC. 28390 Phone: 910-551-1161