The man kept picking up pennies and saving his pocket change. People kept laughing and making jokes. At the end of
the first year, he opened a bank account. Then people began to pay a little more attention and saying "well, that is
good." The man started collecting change through small benefits and Poker Runs at local places and continued to
pick up pennies. At the end of the second year he filed for a legal nonprofit status with the IRS and began to sell
memberships. The man continued to pick up pennies, roll them and put them in the bank account. At the end of the
third year he had collected enough money to make a difference in others lives. Now, his nonprofit organization helps
dozens of people each year who would loose their homes, their cars, can't pay for their medicine, buy food, or pay
their utilities.
The man still picks up pennies, and saves his pocket change because........................a little change can make a BIG  
This is what the man's
penny jar looked like after
one month of saving up all
the pennies he was laughed
at for picking up. How many
people do you think he has
helped by picking up all those
Enter this Wonderful
Website and see who all the
spare change has helped.
The Story
Please read the story or you won't understand
what the Foundation is all about.
There was a man picking up pennies. As he picked up the pennies from the side walk I asak
him why he was  picking up pennies? They won't help you i said" The man picking up
pennies turned and pulled out some pictures. He said" it isn't the man without a Pennie
who is poor but, the man without a dream who is poor. "Then the man picking up pennies
showed the laughing man the pictures of  the fallen Bikers as he said, " the pennies of one
may not be much but the pennies have helped one person at a time. My pennies may not be
much but, when I put them with the pennies of 10 thousand others, they make a big
difference to each person I help"
The B.A.N.C. Foundation (Tm)
Injured Bikers And Needy Children
A 501(c) 3 Nonprofit Foundation
214 Cecil Ave. Spring Lake, NC. 28390 Phone: 910-583-3067